GAIA’s Customer Experience Universe

SIMPLE INTEGRATION Integration with existing CX and CRM platforms such as Genesys, NICE InContact, Salesforce, Mitel, Five9, ServiceNow, Drift and more.
Visual Contact Directories bypassing age-old, time-wasting, voice prompter for fast tap calling your customers will appreciate and remember.
WebRTC based in-app calling for secure, direct call backs to customers mobile or digital device, identified with your logo to avoid spam suspicion.
Customer conversations transcribed and translated in real time using AI enabled Text 2 Speech, and Speech 2 Speech high accuracy engines plus our own secret sauce.

Our customer “Click to Engage/Call” omnichannel cloud-based technology, helps companies better manage and optimize customer experience and revenue.  GAIA’S Click-to-Engage/Call improves CX, accelerates revenue, reduces costs, and is easy to use.

GAIA CT’s technology delivers audio anywhere in the world at a fraction of previous costs. 

  • Instant superior engagement from first “click”
  • Visual dashboards provide valuable data to   live agent 
  • Easy to use, plug and play technology ( No downloads-No plug ins)
  • Omnichannel – works on all browsers/devices. 
  • Fully encrypted calls. 
  • POPI privacy integration

Dramatically reduces call abandonment while offering far superior CX:

  • Global calling without global numbers
  • Click to Call
  • Digital IVD (IVR)
  • In-app calling
  • Call back functionality
  • Video Calling
  • Real time transcription for agents
  • Real time translation