Medical Applications

Designed as a combination of automation, human input, and cutting-edge speech technology, GAIA SPEECH Medical Solutions are unequaled for across-language conversation with patients of other languages as well as the Deaf and Blind. GAIA SPEECH Medical offers a way for doctors, nurses, call centers, admissions offices, discharge units, ER, ambulance drivers, and other medical workers to communicate with patients and their families in a professional manner independent of language.


  • Translated phone calls for PBX, call center, and telephone operators
  • Telemedicine captions, subtitles and voice translation
  • Smartphone translator designed specifically for medical use
  • Translated chat for setting appointments and typed conversations
  • Talking Chat for the Blind
  • Reliable translation to help patients fill out forms and answer questions
  • Ability to assure 100% perfect flawless translation
  • Increased speed of admissions and discharge in the patient’s language

GAIA SPEECH Medical instantly begins real-time, synced translation on both the patient’s device and the medical worker’s device, creating an across-language conversation.

GAIA RTC Call Center Translation

Call center operators now converse on the phone in all major languages with patients, families, overseas medical institutions, and other services using GAIA RTC. Where in the past it was necessary to hire human interpreters for every translated phone call, now GAIA provides automatic phone interpretation at amazingly high quality, making communication infinitely faster with consequent cost savings. GAIA also carefully assures that you retain the ability to bring your in-house translator or preferred OPI or VRI vendor into the conversation at any time with a simple touch on a keyboard, button, or spoken voice command.

GAIA SPEECH Medical – the Smartphone Translator

Any smartphone becomes an across-language communication device. Patients in a waiting room or drive-through testing center just scan a QR code and select or speak their language name. GAIA SPEECH Medical instantly begins real-time, synced translation on both the patient’s device and the medical worker’s device, creating an across-language conversation. The app also includes automatic language identification and accent options.

For important information that is needed repeatedly – such as the basic Covid-19 questions, admissions form entries, and discharge documentation – 100% perfect translation by professional (human) Medical Translators are easy to import from any Excel or Word document. To use these perfect translations, simply select from a drop down list or speak a keyword. Entire paragraphs of instructions can be pre-prepared and shared on-demand as well as line-by-line translation of forms and questionnaires.

$ Savings

GAIA SPEECH Medical is a combination of quality speech recognition, customized automatic translation, professional services, and speech-to-speech (STS) translation. Through highly sophisticated automation, GAIA SPEECH Medical may replace 50% or more of your OPI and other medical interpretation and ADA needs. And when automation or pre-translation is not sufficient, GAIA SPEECH Medical has a “Touch-Call” button that instantly dials your preferred OPI vendor to connect to a live interpreter.

Automation plus Perfection

Medical facilities have always been wary of using total, complete automation without quality control. With GAIA SPEECH there is Quality Control. GAIA Medical solves quality issues by assuring that translation can be 100% perfect when needed, and a human interpreter can be instantly added to the conversation on-demand. Yet GAIA SPEECH has a light and friendly automatic translator enabling nursing staff and medical workers to improvise conversations and share instructions with patients and families, to make forms and documents easier to understand, and even to translate incoming phone calls, all the while increasing patient satisfaction and at the same time lowering cost.