About Us

“Gaia” (pronounced gi-yuh) meaning “Earth” from Greek mythology

GAIA Communications Holdings comprises 3 GAIA subsidiaries:  GAIA CT (GAIA Communications Technologies), GAIA Speech (speech translation software) and Language Preservation Technologies (LPT) supporting the creation of language automation for voice and text in under-resourced languages.  GAIA CT, with its first-in-the-world telephone features, was formed by a team of diverse, highly skilled professionals specializing in several compatible areas of telecom technology. The team is derived from the commercial sector, military, industry experts, and inventors. GAIA CT’s proprietary technology enables more efficient and faster data delivery of audio, video, and text for telecom, internet, wireless, and on-premise loop at greatly reduced cost, while at the same time providing significantly more features. This technology enables direct-to-destination contact, Interactive Visual Directory (replacing IVR voice prompt response systems), plus rapid integration of voice/text translation and other products into existing platforms for call centers, broadcast and hospitals. GAIA Speech then uses the GAIA CT innovations for multi-language conferencing and education.


GAIA CT’s goal is to significantly lower the cost of global communication, and to overcome language barriers to that communication. GAIA CT’s delivery mechanism dramatically reduces the number of expensive phone numbers and minutes of usage for call centers and contact centers, e.g. decreasing the cost for one hotel chain by $30 million per year. At the same time, the technology enables fully translated phone and web communication in dozens of languages. And by providing transcription of live calls and recorded calls in multiple languages, clients increase the collection of data on consumer response with characteristic identification.



GAIA CT combines our technology with a unification of existing software designed with AI and Neural Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Neural Automated Voices to provide real time transcription, translation and voice-to-voice speech translation. Add-ons include sentiment analysis, metadata analysis, real-time monitoring, and more.

Already installed in Genesys, Salesforce, Mitel, NICE InContact, Five9, ServiceNow, Drift and others, and used by corporations, conferences, and meetings, GAIA CT is spreading its wings globally throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, bringing affordable, language-independent communication to the world. GAIA CT’s non-profit division is pushing ahead with the creation of new language processing and automatic translation for under-resourced, indigenous communities, building plans and programs for native language revitalization.