Translation & Accuracy

GAIA SPEECH is a series of software and APIs for across-language voice translation. Speaking voices are translated as subtitles and as beautiful computer voices for conferences, online meetings, education, hospitals, broadcast, and almost anywhere speech translation is desired.

GAIA SPEECH surpasses “translation apps” through its powerful accuracy controls and unparalleled customization available nowhere else. GAIA SPEECH places enormous quality control of translation and voices at your fingertips.

Accuracy features:

  • GAIA SPEECH offers the widest variety of professional speech recognition software that turns spoken words into text, plus the ability to customize to your industry.
  • GAIA SPEECH adds a series of dictionaries that cause accuracy in transcription and translation to skyrocket. These dictionaries can be tailored to your profession (e.g. medical, financial, technical), and tailored to your corporate vocabulary.
  • Language translations differ by the gender of the person who is speaking or being spoken to (male/female). Whereas other automatic translation software only produce masculine, GAIA SPEECH can adapt the translation to correct gender.
  • In other languages, there is a Formal and Informal mode of address (friendly/respectful). GAIA SPEECH adapts the translation to your desired mode of address, plus adapts for plural audiences.
  • When a translation of your speech is spoken voice-to-voice, GAIA SPEECH offers the option that the voice can be your own voice in the translation language.
  • If there are multiple speakers in your event or broadcast program, GAIA SPEECH can create dozens of voices with character and charm, customized for your requirements.

Note: For languages that currently have no automation (no automatic translation, speech recognition, or voice-to-voice technology), GAIA CT’s non-profit branch called Language Preservation Technologies can create automation for specific needs.

GAIA SPEECH offers the widest variety of professional speech recognition software that turns spoken words into text.

Receiving Translation

Part of accuracy is the simple ability to receive the translation around the world. GAIA SPEECH is both a translation application that functions via RTC (web real-time communication) and a telecom application, so we communicate with more options for delivery. The use of a smartphone via internet connection has been common for on-site events; and now has specifically interesting advantages for certain online conferences that have delivery issues:


  1. Some large corporations with very strong firewalls (financial institutions, medical, etc.) prevent their WiFi from connecting to internet technologies. Using GAIA SPEECH by smartphone or even accessed via PBX can provide a work-around for these issues without heavy long distance charges.
  2. Some countries monitor online communications and purposefully slow internet translation to the point of being unusable. GAIA SPEECH can be accessible worldwide via telephone, but without the super heavy long distance charges,  overcoming this obstacle.