Conferences & Meetings

Highest quality translation via automation

  • Subtitles above or below a Power Point
  • Subtitles and translated voice on smartphone
  • Subtitles in multiple languages displayed on side screens or columns
  • A “subtitle box” that easily moves around an attendee’s screen
  • An attractive computer voice on smartphone or loudspeaker (Coming 2022  Translated voice may be the actual speaker’s voice in several languages)
  • Video subtitling and voice-replacement
  • Coming 2022 Participants chat or speak questions in their native language, translated in realtime
  • Plus technology for exhibitors never before available anywhere

For conference and meeting planners, GAIA is the go-to software for multilingual automatic subtitling and voice-to-voice translation both on screen and on device.  Versatile, attractive, and headache-free. 

Subtitles may be generated automatically from a speaker’s voice or—for highest accuracy—a specially trained television captioner creates real-time captions in the speaker’s language, translated with state-of-the-art automation.  Or try subtitles generated directly from an interpreter’s voice.

Multilingual Interactive Events

GAIA SPEECH offers the first opportunity for both online and on-site conference attendees not only to select their language of choice as subtitles and automatic voice-to-voice, but also enables attendees to participate in the conference itself, to ask questions and comment in their own language.  In the past, international participants could only sit and listen, but now they can be equally active, involved and engaged through across-language speaking and chatting.

An audience member can ask (voice) or chat (type) questions into their smartphone or laptop, translated for the speaker, moderator and/or audience. And available this year for the first time, an omni-directional microphone may be placed in the middle of a small table with participants grouped around, speaking in their own language while translations display as subtitles and are heard via earbuds.

Accuracy Matters

Accuracy matters in the world of conferencing. Serious professionals require a level of accuracy and reliability not met by generic apps. It is the stuff of nightmares for a medical conference organizer to see the word “shingles” translated as “roofing material”. The kind of control required for industry-specific vocabulary as well as personalized corporate vocabulary is available only through GAIA SPEECH.

Subtitles may be generated automatically from a speaker’s voice or – for highest accuracy – a specially trained television captionist creates real-time captions as full sentences in the speaker’s language. GAIA SPEECH translates the captions and delivers subtitles or translated voice to the audience in the room or online. The full sentence approach translates with greatest accuracy via automation, especially when combined with professional and personal dictionaries for the conference speeches.

The accuracy level of caption transcription followed by translation may be as high as 95% to 98% (rarer languages vary). However, if using the speaker’s own voice direct-to-subtitles, the accuracy in transcription is directly reliant upon with the clarity of the speaker’s pronunciation and the audio quality, with improvement possible if the speaker creates his/her own voice profile in advance.