Features & Functionality



Click to Call Technology

  • Add our click to call button to your website, mobile app, or other key digital touch points
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • Customers stay within your website or APP when reaching out
Interactive Visual Directory (IVD)
  • Replaces IVR menu trees with easy visual-touch directory
  • Gets customers where they want to go easier and faster
  • Eliminates voice response systems
  • Increases operational efficiency
Instant Call ID and Geo-location
  • Agents know who is calling as caller information loads instantly
Video Call and Text Chatting
  • Communicate in the way the customer prefers
Simple Installation
  • No new phone numbers needed
  • Fast and easy installation with contact centre and CRM platforms
Saves Money
  • Reduces the cost for traditional inbound 1- 800 and other toll-free numbers by at least 50%
  • Retain your same contact number that can now be used worldwide


Enhanced Functionality


  • Accurately transcribes all conversations in real time, on the screen
  • Separates and identifies by speaker and language for each individual call
  • Automatic language detection of inbound caller
  • Real-time translation in both directions; caller and agent speak and listen in their own language
Call Analytics and Efficiency Metrics
  • Direct your transcribed call data for future analysis
  • Use real time feedback to prompt agent for next steps or response
Custom Integrations with Digital and Legacy Systems
  • Existing integrations with Salesforce, Nice InContact, Genesys and many more
Skills Based Routing and Custom Forms
  • Collect data before agent connects
  • Send callers through specified routing based on form data