Call Transcription

GAIA RTC provides the ultimate in speech recognition by using our technology to deeply enhance the quality of the inbound call audio and achieve a state of improved call transcription in all major languages.

Multiple speech recognition styles and options are available based upon language, scale and industry vocabulary. Calls can even be “double-transcribed” by diverse engines for cross-comparison. A series of customized dictionaries in any language with your corporate and professional terminology puts the final icing on the cake for phenomenal personalization to special words, names, places, departments, products and profession-specific phrases.

Speaker Identification

GAIA RTC separates voices for multi-speaker transcription identification by name, then generates timecodes for quick and precise Quality Control, Content Review and DATA MINING.  The timecoding process makes locating recordings faster and easier from archive.


Transcriptions may occur post-call or in real-time. When transcriptions appear in real-time, this feature enables silent monitoring by support supervisors. The transcription can also be translated so that supervisors can monitor international calls, as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may also kick-in for sentiment analysis and facial or voice analysis with the goal of using data to instantly improve the sales process as it occurs, as well as analyze results post-call.