CX Engagement Opportunity

GAIA replaces the cumbersome and frustrating toll-free interactive response system that wastes precious time and uses it to influence the customer. GAIA is a visually driven tool that can share a message as well as provide and collect valuable data while truncating the time a customer is on the phone until they reach a live agent.

GAIA’s “Why?” is simple.  “You own the customer the moment they click”.  They are trapped in your universe, but don’t know it. At the same time, they will have the perception that they control what happens rather than being at the mercy of the old IVR response system. Marketing has the best possible captive audience focused on their product for an extended period. Immediately after that period, they speak to agent who can capitalize on what the customer just experienced and influence a sale.

We accomplish our objective using GAIA’s sophisticated proprietary interactive visual and audio functionality. This is a unique powerful new concept in navigating a customer to a contact center agent. We approach CX in a way that no other CX technology addresses, and it will increase your business and financial performance.  GAIA fundamentally changes customer behavior versus the current IVR system. A customer-controlled visual experience has a positive impact and introduces new capabilities to influence the caller.

GAIA will noticeably promote an increased positive customer experience while it streamlines your customer service call functionality. This will show up as an increase in Customer Experience metrics. GAIA is engineered to increase your revenue and positive outcomes before the customer speaks to a call center agent. It is also a new weapon for marketing to target customers who already have an interest in your products and services.

Equally important, GAIA’s CX tool can also be used external to the call center environment. We enable sophisticated capabilities for online promotions, marketing campaigns and data collection.

Sales calls and support calls are no longer lost with GAIA, because Customers do not hang up, and therefore revenue increases.  

  • 25% to 30% of calls terminated before reaching agent  
  • Long hold times are eliminated by GAIA  
  • Options are presented visually with audio capability  
  • Ability to deeply explore options without time pressure before selecting
  • Far more selection options than with IVR yet clear and enticing layout 
  • Pop up videos / text can specifically explain the options  
    • Navigating to the source and reason for the call is streamlined and accelerated  
    • Call-back capability can be triggered at any time  

    GAIA replaces the toll-free IVR system that wastes valuable captive time with your customer. We use our visually driven tool to capitalize on that time to influence your customers intent to purchase, as well as the perception of your company.  Simultaneously, we capture valuable data for immediate use by the agent while truncating the time a customer spends on the phone until they reach a live agent.

    These interactive audio/video capabilities allow marketing to influence the caller before reaching the agent, and again revenue increases.