GAIA Communications Holdings (GAIA CH)



GAIA Communications Holding (GAIA CH) is a privately held, vertically-integrated technology company designed specifically for global technology commerce. GAIA CH concentrates on developing products that provide a quantum leap in Customer Experience satisfaction metrics achieved through superior global audio communication at reduced cost, combined with technology that eliminates language as a barrier and enables seamless across-language and multi-language conversation.

GAIA Communications Holding sees beyond current state of technology and concentrates on 5 to 10 years from now, bringing products and features to market long before their time, or of a superior quality to others in the market.   GAIA Communications Holding carries a variety of compatible technologies and services in the sphere of telecom, speech technologies, and voice translation automation.  Integrated into Genesys, NICE inContact, Salesforce, five9, Drift, Mitel, ServiceNow, and others, and used for conferences, meetings, and multilingual education, the GAIA CH products turn any device into an experience.

GAIA CH products:

  1. Eliminate need for IVR voice response systems
  2. Increase operational efficiency while slashing expenditure
  3. Automatically detect the language of the inbound caller or speaker
  4. Accurately transcribe all data in real time, on the screen, separated by speaker and language
  5. Translate conversation in both directions; caller and agent speak and listen in their own language
  6. Generate automatic subtitle translations for conferences, education, and broadcast
  7. Geolocate incoming contacts and gather contact information


All while dramatically lowering costs and improving the customer experience.




The umbrella of GAIA Communications Holding incorporates experienced leadership in management, telecom design, language technology and its implementation to support current and future subsidiaries.  With more than 150 combined years of experience by GAIA CH leaders, their strength is key to maximizing the value of the GAIA CH portfolio.



GAIA Real Time Communications (GAIA.rtc):  Specializing in global telecom innovation, mobile visual directory, instant call-back, and related APIs.

GAIA.rtc call center technology hyper-focuses on radically enhancing “First Response Time”/”First Reply Time”. The moment the customer or sales agent begins their contact with a caller, the customer experience is something they will remember and talk about. GAIA.rtc eliminates the frustration of the standard IVR voice response system, and creates a simple “Click to Call” capability from anywhere in the world to trigger the deployment of a surreal new customer experience, thereby significantly improving CSAT, CES, CRR, FCR and Churn scores.  

GAIA.rtc caps off with highest quality transcription and voice translation for multi-language call center conversation.


GAIA.Speech:  Specializing in voice translation for call centers, conferences, education, medical

GAIA.Speech generates futuristic applications and tools for global communication that change the perception that worldwide communication is complicated and expensive.  GAIA.Speech’s easy-to-use, easy-to-install, high quality translated voice delivery solutions solve decades-old challenges while putting speech technology at the fingertips of all organizations from contact centers to education, hospitals to conferences.

GAIA.Speech brings multi-language digital, analog, and rich media capabilities to every interaction covering 90+ languages, dialects and accents so that conversation with customers, clients, patients, partners and collaborators can take place in their native/preferred language.

GAIA.Speech does not just “translate” statically, but truly “interprets” every touch point and conversation through customizable dictionaries and artificial intelligence for unparalleled quality in automation.


Language Preservation Technologies (LPT)

Specializing in supporting the development of language preservation and revitalization through automation of low-resource and endangered languages, achieved through creation of speech technology, virtual games, and multilingual education.


GAIA CH is currently developing a subsidiary specializing in:  Broadcast and internet television translation for real-time broadcast translation as well as post-broadcast video translation in the form of subtitles and perfectly-timed voice replacement (including lipsyc) using Artificial Intelligence plus AI-driven speech technologies.


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