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Global Calling Solutions

GAIA RTC developed a revolutionary approach to calling via website or digital touch point to improve the customer contact experience. GAIA RTC can also be added to PBX to lower costs, enhance audio quality, and improve transcriptions. Options include customer on-device Interactive Visual Directories to replace traditional voice prompt systems, real-time language detection and text / voice translation, camera video, and screen share.

GAIA Communications Technologies (GAIA CT) is the creator of groundbreaking solutions for call centers and multi-language communication. GAIA CT offers new, innovative ways to connect people around the world, plus a full suite of speech technologies. Our patented methods of audio delivery combine with speech transcription, voice translation, and multilingual across-language conversation.

GAIA CT’s technology delivers audio anywhere in the world at a fraction of previous costs. Then at a click, the spoken words are translated as text and as translated voice. Designed for call centers, hospitals, emergency centres and conferencing, GAIA CT combines with the world’s finest speech technologies, translation software, and artificial intelligence to produce communication solutions in 90+ languages and dialects.

Our client solutions can be deployed via phone, real-time subtitles, online, in live events, in documents & forms, and more.

We support industries including:

  • medical/healthcare
  • emergency/first responders
  • corporate events/meetings
  • education
  • telecommunications/mobile
  • and many others