GAIA Communications Technologies solutions and innovations create cutting-edge technology for worldwide, highly secure voice and data handling. Its futuristic applications and tools for global communication change the perception that worldwide communication is complicated and expensive.


GAIA Communications Technologies brings easy-to-use, easy-to-install, high quality voice delivery solutions that solve decades-old challenges while putting speech technology at the fingertips of all organizations from call centers to education, hospitals to conferences.

Global Toll-Free Calling Without Global Numbers used on websites, mobile apps, and other key digital touchpoints

Core Functionality

Interactive Visual Directory (IVD)
  • Replaces IVR menu trees with easy visual-touch directory
  • Gets customers where they want to go easier and faster
  • Eliminates voice response systems
  • Increases operational efficiency
Instant Call ID and Geolocation
  • Agents know who is calling as caller information loads instantly
Video Call and Text Chatting
  • Communicate in the way the customer prefers
Simple Installation
  • No new phone numbers needed
  • Fast and easy installation with contact centre and CRM platforms
Saves Money
  • Reduces the cost for traditional inbound 1- 800 and other toll-free numbers by at least 50%
  • Retain your same contact number that can now be used worldwide

Enhanced Functionality

  • Accurately transcribes all conversations in real time, on the screen
  • Separates and identifies by speaker and language for each individual call
  • Automatic language detection of inbound caller
  • Real-time translation in both directions; caller and agent speak and listen in their own language
Call Analytics and Efficiency Metrics
  • Direct your transcribed call data for future analysis
  • Use real time feedback to prompt agent for next steps or response
Custom Integrations with Digital and Legacy Systems
  • Existing integrations with Salesforce, Nice InContact, Genesys and many more
Skills Based Routing and Custom Forms
  • Collect data before agent connects
  • Send callers through specified routing based on form data

Eliminate the language and dialect barriers that organizations face with events, conferences, webinars, employees, partners, patients, and customer communications, both domestically and globally

Automated Real-Time Translation

Add multi-language digital, analog, and rich media capabilities to every interaction. Includes 90+ languages, dialects and accents.

Imagine: Every conversation with clients, patients, partners and collaborators can take place in their native/preferred language, through GAIA’s automatic interpretation. Our software does not just “translate” statically, but truly “interprets” every touch point and conversation through customizable dictionaries and artificial intelligence for unparalleled quality in automation.


Use Cases
  • Meetings: Create truly global meetings in the language of the participants. Use in-person or online; small groups or 1000s.
  • Medical: Patient engagement and communications that is vital to improving health care, quality, safety, and patient outcomes.
  • Education: Multi-lingual education where each student can learn in their own language. Provides easier assimilation to a new language.
  • Media: Video and other rich media content becomes available in multiple languages in both subtitles and voice.